The Stream

A real-time social model and live audio-visual composition system

Today I started work on a new and improved Open GL version of my original score software, updated from previous attempts using the scope~ object in Max (I’ll post a picture later). Here is a brief demonstration of it working with a cello sample being manipulated by the same control data. The score takes two low frequency waveforms and maps them to the movement and thickness of a line. The colour of the line represents which character is currently the alpha - I will explain what the alpha is in a later post. The character’s own colour becomes the colour of the score for all players and the alpha’s own turns red.  The characters’ colours are specified as follows:

Hunter - green (economic health)

Worker - yellow (productivity)

Medic - blue (physical health)

Artist - white (emotional health)

Alpha - red (leader)

The words in brackets represent the main responsibility of each character and the colours also relate to the three colours of particles shown in my previous video.

More about the characters and their roles in the next post. The score will also feature traditional notation running down the sides of the main window which I am now working on.

Apologies for the slight delay between audio and video, seems to be due tumblr’s encoding of .mov files.